Growing a Business

    Starting a business is a life-changing event. Growing a business can become a life-consuming process. As quickly as a business develops and grows in scale and people, so too will the need for additional planning and problem solving. Business Builders Team LLC is designed to help you take a fresh look at new challenges by offering the following:
    Our instructors and presenters will connect business owners with real-world,
    cutting edge solutions, tools and techniques
    to ease the pressures of
    maintaining and growing a thriving business.
    Our approach to training presumes the business is a “living enterprise” that needs order and balance in all areas to thrive.
    In an academic setting, with expert instructors from all areas of business management, we show you how to take knowledge beyond the classroom.
    We show you how to build upon strengths, correct weaknesses, and focus on growing a healthy business through planning and technology.
    We show you how to stay on top of the ever changing world of planning and technology and how to integrate new solutions as they fit into the scope of your business needs.

    Academic Learning - Business Services

    Business Builders Team pairs academic learning with cutting edge business services and products to educate, expose, enlighten and implement solutions that can vastly improve effective and efficient management skills, business profitability and success.