Our Vision

Context - Content

By grounding our sessions in context and day to day perspective that businesses live, we build our content on top of real world problems. Once exposed to a planning process, tool or technique that is particularly easy to use, the "ah ha" should occur. Once value is realized, the steps toward actually using or implementing these solutions become apparent and needed.

INSIGHT - The AH HA Factor

Most business owners and key forces behind a developing business already possess the tools to thrive and grow, however they find themselves spending more time working in the business, rather than on the business. Business Builders Educational Seminar Series will guide you through the process of connecting tools with real-world solutions, allowing you to refocus your energy on growing a healthy business.


That's where Business Builders makes a real difference. We are redefining the management process. The "AH HA" factor is what we call it - when the light bulb turns on and our attendees make the connection between the learning and the application.

ACTION - Real Life Applications

We stop our sessions after leading you to the action stage. We hope that you leave with an action plan, starting a process of continual improvement of the business process that continues non-stop throughout the life of the business.