As a sponsor or an instructor in the Business Builders Seminar Series, you will be directly connected to business owners who have come to learn about how to improve business operations and solve problems by using the tools offered by your business. Our attendees come to us for a reason - they are looking for new options for improving their business. Our focus is to teach about the options and new methods of solving old problems. Successful marketing means understanding problems and challenges of clients, listening to their expressions of what is important, and helping them solve their current and perceived issues.

    • You are in an environment of receptive business owners looking for enlightenment. In a two-way exchange with business owners, sponsors and teachers will provide context (perspective), content, hopefully achieve insight with the participants, and begin the action process of considering change and improvement.


    • In a non-selling approach, teachers become the expert and guide in identifying, managing and solving current issues for the participants. It may be a small step for a business owner to ask for help from the expert. The insight and solutions identified with the presenter create a unique advantage, which should allow for future business opportunities to be helpful in implementing solutions.


    • You share your message with business owners and managers who have a need to hear it. We assist you in distilling and shaping your message. Through collaboration, your message will be relevant and insightful specifically for those attending.


    • Your message will reach far beyond the classroom with our archived recordings of the seminars, as well as the opportunity to reach customers through an internet classroom. This is education that doesn't disappear when the live session ends.


    • Sponsors are the Expert Provider for a chosen niche of the business building process. Our sponsors will provide solutions to real world problems, they are not vendors selling a product. Sponsors will bridge the gap between learning and practice, teaching business owners to take what they have learned and apply it - see the "Ah Ha."



    Platinum sponsorship is $20K per year. As a platinum sponsor Nelson Mullins will obtain exclusivity in legal service expertise for the Business Builders Team, LLC. Additionally, we will host 4-8 seminar events annually at your facility.